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Under 16 fixtures announced

posted 16 Mar 2011, 13:26 by Unknown user
  •  Under-16 A    
    • 15-a-side  --  
    • 30 Minutes a half  ---  
    • 5 Substitutes;   
    • Top 4 Teams to Semi-Finals; 
    • Teams finishing 5th to 8th go to Shield Semi-Finals 
  • Under 16 C
    •  13-a-side  --  
    • 30 Minutes a half  ---  
    • 5 Substitutes  
    • 2 Groups  --  Top team in each Group to Semi-Finals    
    •  Teams finishing in 2nd and 3rd place go through to Quarter-Finals   
    • Teams finishing in 4th and 5th place go through to Shield Semi-Finals  
Round 1 - Sunday 26th June 2011   
Sixmilebridge  v  Scariff/Ogonnelloe/Whitegate 
Eire Og  v  Doora/Barefield 
Killanena/Feakle  v  Kilmaley 
Clooney/Quin  v  Inagh/Kilnamona 
Clarecastle      Bye    

Round 2 - Sunday 3rd July 2011   
Inagh/Kilnamona  v  Eire Og 
Scariff/Ogonnelloe/Whitegate  v  Clarecastle Doora/Barefield  v  Killanena/Feakle 
Kilmaley  v  Sixmilebridge 
Clooney/Quin      Bye     

 Round 3 - Sunday 10th July 2011   
Eire Og  v  Scariff/Ogonnelloe/Whitegate 
Killanena/Feakle  v  Sixmilebridge 
Clooney/Quin  v  Kilmaley 
Clarecastle  v  Inagh/Kilnamona 
Doora/Barefield      Bye     

 Round 4 - Sunday 24th July 2011   
Sixmilebridge  v  Clarecastle 
Doora/Barefield  v  Clooney/Quin Scariff/Ogonnelloe/Whitegate  v  Killanena/Feakle Kilmaley  v  Eire Og 
Inagh/Kilnamona      Bye     

Round 5 - Sunday 31st July 2011    
Sixmilebridge  v  Inagh/Kilnamona Scariff/Ogonnelloe/Whitegate  v  Doora/Barefield 
Eire Og  v  Clooney/Quin 
Clarecastle  v  Kilmaley 
Killanena/Feakle      Bye     

 Round 6 - Sunday 7th August 2011   
Kilmaley  v  Scariff/Ogonnelloe/Whitegate 
Doora/Barefield  v  Sixmilebridge 
Inagh/Kilnamona  v  Killanena/Feakle 
Clooney/Quin  v  Clarecastle 
Eire Og      Bye     

 Round 7 - Sunday 14th August 2011           Killanena/Feakle  v  Clarecastle Scariff/Ogonnelloe/Whitegate  v  Clooney/Quin Inagh/Kilnamona  v  Doora/Barefield 
Eire Og  v  Sixmilebridge 
Kilmaley      Bye     

Round 8 - Sunday 21st August 2011  
Killanena/Feakle  v  Eire Og 
Clarecastle  v  Doora/Barefield 
Kilmaley  v  Inagh/Kilnamona 
Sixmilebridge  v  Clooney/Quin Scariff/Ogonnelloe/Whitegate      Bye     

Round 9 - Sunday 4th September 2011 
Clarecastle  v  Eire Og 
Doora/Barefield  v  Kilmaley 
Inagh/Kilnamona  v  Scariff/Ogonnelloe/Whitegate Clooney/Quin  v  Killanena/Feakle 
Sixmilebridge        Bye 

Semi-Finals on Sunday 11th September 2011 
Final on Sunday 18th September 2011  
Group 2 : St Breckans, Doora/Barefield 2, Corofin, Scarrif /Ogonnelloe/Whitegate and Ruan/The Banner  
 Round 1 - Sunday 26th June    
 Corofin V Doora/Barefield 2 
 Ruan/The Banner V St Breckans 
 Scariff/Ogonnelloe/Whitegate Bye    
Round 2 - Sunday 3rd July   
 Scariff/Ogonnelloe/Whitegate V Corofin
Doora/Barefield 2 V Ruan/The Banner 
 St Breckans Bye     

 Round 3 - Sunday 10th July   
St Breckans V Doora/Barefield 2 
Ruan/The Banner V Scariff/Ogonnelloe/Whitegate 
Corofin Bye     

Round 4 - Sunday 24th July   
 Corofin V Ruan/The Banner 
Scariff/Ogonnelloe/Whitegate V St Breckans 
Doora/Barefield 2 Bye                

Round 5 - Sunday 31st July   
 St Breckans V Corofin 
Doora/Barefield 2 V Scariff/Ogonnelloe/Whitegate 
Ruan/The Banner   Bye 

Quarter-Finals on Sunday 7th August 2011 
Semi-Finals on Sunday 14th August 2011 
Final on Sunday 21st August 2011